Nail Training Courses in Ipswich, Suffolk

Coming soon… 3 and 4 hour skill perfection workshops!

  1. Nailing the Basics
  2. Nail Biter application perfection
  3. Sculpting simplified
  4. Salon nail art circuit training

Nail Artistry UK Academy progression and specialist courses

For those of you wanting to progress and advance and perfect your skills book on one of our specialist workshops!

Technical courses

Getting it Right

This course will cover, trouble shooting,perfecting your full set application for easy infills and elimination of lifting, different types of tip application, finish filing for a flawless finish teaching you advanced filing techniques. You will also learn correct form application and basic sculpting techniques. This course is intended to help techs who have completed basic training but wish to perfect their skills and iron out any issues they are having with general application.

Maintenance Management

This course will cover infills,rebalance & eliminating lifting. You will learn how to repair cracks and chips without needing to remove the nail. You will also learn methods to replace the white for a flawless French. This course is intended to help techs who have completed a beginners course to feel confident about infill and no longer frustrated.

Smiling Nails

This course will teach you how to create perfect smile lines, apex placement, brush work, finishing to perfection, reverse technique. You will learn how to use a pinching tool correctly and safely to create a beautiful c curve and elegant nail. This course is intended for techs who have completed beginners training but are not happy with their smile lines and are struggling to perfect this skill!

You will receive a certificate of completion after each course. Once these three work shops are completed you receive an Advanced Nail Technician certificate of attendance.


Artist courses

Nail Artist Intermediate

Brush techniques, free hand painting, advanced gel polish nail art the technique and the science, appliqué and embellishments.

Nail Artist Advanced

Incorporating colour products e.g. acrylic and gel, 3D designs, encapsulation, glitters and bling.

You will receive a certificate of completion after each course. Once the artist advanced and intermediate are completed you will receive a Specialist Nail Technician certificate.

Our workshops are designed to progress and further advance skills after you have completed your initial Accredited training and have at least 3 months experience and are not intended as accredited courses but skill building workshops therefore previous experience is essential and your proof of your accredited certificate will be required on booking. These work shops will help you to help iron out any issues, perfect your skills and add new skills to your portfolio! One to one or group workshops (min 4 persons) are available.