The Nail Shed’s aftercare advice

We can’t force you to follow our aftercare advice but we can promise you that if you follow our professional advice you will enjoy longevity of your nail treatment and cost effective maintenance.  We want you to enjoy your nails!

Nail technicians and clients have been saying for years that they should remove nail polish and/or enhancements to allow the natural nail to breathe.  This could not be further from the truth.  Blood vessels provide oxygen and nutrients to the hand, fingers, and nails through millions of tiny blood vessels.  The veins carry waste and carbon dioxide away.  This intricate process is what feeds the matrix, so the matrix can produce healthy nail cells.

These healthy nail cells make up the surrounding soft tissue of the nail plate, eponychium, lateral folds, hyponychium, bed epithelium, etc.  These are all living tissue.  The nail bed is also living tissue consisting of a dermal and epidermal layer.  The upper layer is similar the type of skin found on the inside of your mouth.  This is also the layer that is attached to the underside of the natural nail plate.


  • Nail extensions are a great deterrent for nail biters! Do not bite, chew or pick your nails!
  • Natural nails – keep a nail file in your bag for those nail emergencies.   This will prevent you being tempted to bite or chew any snags.
  • Try to have a regular manicure to improve and maintain your natural nails.  We would recommend a manicure once a month.
  • Use non-acetone polish remover.  This will prevent drying of the natural nail.  Acetone based products may dissolve the surface of nail extension and promote lifting.
  • Always use a good quality cuticle oil regularly. 
  • Use hand cream regularly.
  • Wear rubber gloves for washing up, gardening and even applying self – tanning products and hair dye. There are also lots of cosmetic products that can stain and discolour your nail extensions for example hair spray, body lotions and make up.  Always wash your hands thoroughly after using these products to prevent staining.
  • Always wear a base coat to prevent staining the nails when using a colour polish.



So you have experienced a smudge free long lasting manicure.  To maintain please book an appointment for around 3 weeks time, to either reapply or remove. Although most clients experience up to 21 days of long lasting colour this depends on lifestyle, nail types and many other factors, therefore some clients happily achieve 14 days long lasting colour.

Removal requires approx 20 minutes of your time to wrap the nail in an acetone based polish remover for 10 minutes.   We will then wipe the wraps away from the nail removing the Gelicure polish and if necessary gently buff away any remaining residue, before applying a deep moisturising oil, to rehydrate the natural nail.  

Breakages of enhancements

Please contact us straight away so we can clean the natural nail and remove the extensions safely, replacing it with a new nail.  This will prevent any further discomfort/damage to the natural nail. If you accidentally pull a nail and it separates from the natural nail moisture/water can get in and cause a green discolouration as the moisture is trapped.  To avoid this contact us to replace the damaged enhancement.

Discolouration of the nail plate

In the unlikely event you experience discolouration of the nail please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.  The most common cause is a bacterial infection.  This  can be due to trapping or catching a nail or a build up of moisture.  We will safely remove the nail, clean the natural nail plate and replace with a new nail allowing any discolouration to grow out.


Have your nail extensions maintained with an infill/backfill (French/2 colours) appointment every 2-3 weeks.  Leaving it any longer than this may lead to breakages and possible discolouration.  This makes it difficult for a nail technician to restore your nail extensions to that new set finish and may result in part and full removal in order to achieve a professional finish, costing you unnecessary time and money.

It is strongly advisable to replace nail extensions with a new set every 3 months or every 6th maintenance appointment to fully cleanse and condition the natural nail and ensure the integrity of the natural nail as well as maintaining a professional finish.  Any queries, concerns, questions no matter how small please do not hesitate to contact us so that we may advise you accordingly, we are always happy to help.


Nail biters’ treatment plan

We understand that being a Nail Biter is a hard habit to kick!  Your fingers and surrounding skin around the nails get sore, your cuticles are overgrown and thick, your fingers are swollen, you’ve tried everything and possibly even grown to like the taste of that awful tasting nail inhibiter lotion!


What’s the first step?
Book all your appointments in advance.  It gives you something to aim for and means you don’t miss an appointment and affect your plan.

I love French but are my nails too short?
NO!  We have a few methods involving using an opaque colour powder called ‘cover pink’.  It covers and disguises the bitten nail bed and we can create the illusion that you have a longer nail bed so that your French finish looks in balance with the rest of the nail!

What if I break a nail?
Give us an SOS call and we will repair it ASAP.  You get x1 FREE repair with every infill!

What other advice can you give me?
Take pictures of your poor bitten nails and compare these with the people around you with beautiful nails.  Like giving up any habit prepare for stopping biting day – make a list of why you are doing it, and try to stop biting just one of your nails in the lead up to stopping.  Biting can cause all sorts of health issues due to bacteria.  Perhaps visit your GP as biting can be a symptom of OCD.

For more great advice and info try this –

Good Luck!  We’ll be here for you every step of the way!

Lots of Nail Love

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